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Vox (http://www.voxamps.com/us/products/) has been a legendary name in musical instruments for half a century. While still offering faithful recreations of some of their history-making all tube amplifiers, Vox has also constantly pursues new technology to keep up with the needs of musicians today.

We have in stock the full line of VT Series amplifiers. The Vox VT Series amplifiers feature Vox’s patented Valve Reactor circuitry. This ground-breaking design uses a 12AX7 vacuum tube in an exclusive power-amp circuit which causes the amplifier to react to your playing dynamics like a vintage tube amp. Then the engineers at Vox added the flexibility of amplifer modeling and built in effects. Small, lightweight, reliable, and available in a variety of wattages, Vox VT amps fit the needs of players of any style.

Warren Henry Music also stocks the Vox legendary tube amplifier series. The all tube AC15 and AC30 amplifiers sound absolutely great. Pictured is the new AC50, an all tube amp with modern features for the demands of today’s musicians. It offers channel switching, 1/4″ and XLR direct outputs, and an effects loop. And we now have the AC4s in stock as well.

The new JamVox has arrived.  JamVox is an integrated software and monitor system that allows you to play MP3s, remove the original guitar tracks, and practice or record your own tracks into the mix!  Pitch and Tempo change make it a fantastic learning tool, and offers hours of fun making music.  The software includes amplifier modeling and effects processing to tailor your guitar sound.  There is also an online library of Artist Presets from which to choose with a wide variety of professionally crafted patches.  The JamVox monitor is also usable as an audio interface to your computer with both 1/4″ and XLR inputs.We have Jamvox software in stock, and Vox has just lowered the price.  Now is the time to get this fantastic program!


Crate Headers

Crate (http://www.crateamps.com/) produces a wide range of high quality versatile amplifiers at an affordable price.  Warren Henry Music carries the V-Series, Flexwave, Profiler, Blackheart, and Acoustic amplifiers.

We just received the new Blackheart 5 watt tube amps.  These amplifiers sound great and are perfect for recording, rehearsing, and if you mic it, performing.  Great tone from a straight forward low wattage tube design (just like in the old days), they are well made and moderately priced.

Pictured is a Crate acoustic amplifier.   These amps are light weight, reliable, and have a great sound.  There are two channels with independent controls which can  be used for instruments or microphones.  Perfect for small venues for the solo artist or duo.  We always have these in stock and ready for you to try.


Washburn Guitar

In the late 1800s, Chicago was a center for musical instrument makers, and Washburn (http://www.washburn.com/) was one of the industry leaders. By the 1920’s, there was a vibrant blues scene in Chicago on Maxwell Street. The music created there would become the foundation of both the blues and rock music created in America for decades to come. And much of that music was written and performed with Washburn instruments.

Today Washburn, and it’s subsidiary Oscar Schmidt, make a wide variety of instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, mandolins, hollow body jazz guitars, and electric basses. Known for innovative designs, high quality materials, and superb craftsmanship, there is a Washburn instrument suitable for all players and all styles of music.

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Yamaha Guitars

Yamaha (http://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical-instruments/) has been producing musical instruments since 1887 and founded Yamaha Music Corporation of America in 1966.  Extremely dedicated to music education, their instruments reflect emphasis on quality and musicians needs. We are now stocking Yamaha’s Handmade Series of acoustic guitars.  Wonderful sounding, easy to play, and priced well below some of the other guitars with similar specifications, their guitars are an exceptional value. Also known as an industry leader in electric bass guitars, Yamaha offers a wide range of both professional and student model instruments.  One of our best selling products is the RBX Series Yamaha bass.  The RBX bass features a lightweight design, weighing 20% less than similar models while delivering a big sound.

We are now also offering Yamaha keyboards.  Whether you are looking for a small keyboard to integrate into a computer recording system, or 88 weighted keys for that real piano feel that only a piano maker can get exactly right, Yamaha has the product for you.  Stop in to try a variety of models.

The new PocketTrak C24 recorders are in! As small as a remote control, they offer professional sound quality. Record all you gigs, rehearsals, or recitals with ease. Stop in to see one today.


Reverend Guitar

Reverend (http://www.reverendguitars.com/) is one of our most exciting electric guitar lines. The company was founded by Joe Naylor, a trained luthier with a BA in Industrial Design. Joe first gained notoriety for his speaker designs, but his love of guitars drove him to create a guitar company that offers an extremely well made instrument with a “vintage vibe” capable of handling the demands of modern guitarists. Reverend offers solid body and semi-hollow body guitars with just about any style and combination of pickups. Made in Korea to Joe’s exacting specifications and designs, the instruments are quality controlled in the U.S. before being sent out to dealers. As with all guitars received at Warren Henry Music, Warren tunes, plays, and adjusts each instrument as well. You can buy confidently, knowing that you are getting a fine quality instrument.


Marshall Header

From Marshallamps.com:

“On Thursday July 7th, 1962, Jim Marshall and Son music shop (http://www.marshallamps.com/) opened its doors at 76 Uxbridge Road, Hanwell, London. Opened by Jim’s old drum teacher, Max Abrams, the shop sold a variety of musical instruments, from brass and woodwind, to Jim’s favourite – drums.

It was here where Jim met many guitarists, like Pete Townshend and Ritchie Blackmore, who persuaded him to stock guitars and amplifiers in his shop. And it was through talking with this new breed of rock ‘n’ roll guitarist that Jim realised they couldn’t find the sound they were looking for. So Jim decided to give them what they wanted, and with his small team began to produce Marshall amplifiers.

Later, legendary master volume models provided the driven, harmonically distorted Marshall sound without having to play ear-splittingly loud. This was achieved by dividing the amplifier’s preamp and power amp stage for more detailed control of the gain-structure.”

The wall of Marshall cabinets and heads piled high onstage, known as the “Marshall Stack” is still going strong after four decades, and has become a genuine rock icon.