Band Rentals

Rent Band Instruments OnlineGet serious about music with an instrument from Warren Henry Music.  We rent a full range of band and orchestral instruments. From alto sax to baritone to violin, you will find the right instrument at our store.

Our rental program is designed for quality and convenience.

  • 1st-tier instruments from reliable manufacturers
  • Payments apply toward the purchase of the instrument
  • Full insurance is included in the lease fee*
  • Beginning accessories are included
  • 30% discount from the balance for early pay off
  • Pay by cash, check, or credit card
  • No deposits or credit checks required
  • Loaner instrument provided in case of repairs

Students need reliable, great playing instruments.  We believe that a quality, well-maintained instrument is a key factor to a student’s success.  That’s why we offer first tier student instruments from long-standing makers like Getzen, Gemeinhardt, Buffet, Pearl, Blessing, Besson,  Courtois, and more.  That’s also why we inspect and professionally adjust every instrument for optimal playability.

The monthly lease fees, with insurance*, are as follows:


1 month
+ insurance

3 months

10 months

Snare/Bell kit

Flute, Clarinet,
Trumpet, Trombone,

18 + 4 = 22

28 + 4 = 32





Alto Sax, Oboe,  Piccolo 

42 + 6 = 48



 Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet,  Baritone, French Horn

50 + 8 = 58



 Bassoon, Double French Horn

65 + 10 = 75



*In case of accidental damage, theft, or fire, Warren Henry Music will either repair the instrument at no charge or replace it with an instrument of equal value.


School Delivery

We also make deliveries and pick-ups to several area schools. Call us if you would like to start your lease by phone and arrange free delivery of your instrument before the school band program begins.  Then, if you’re instrument is ever in need of service or if you need supplies, we can arrange delivery or pick-up at your school.